How can FYT contribute to promoting heritages and tourism differently

  • Organize the series of events “Heritages – connect” to attract top leaders for meaningful panel discussions and projects aiming to improve capabilities for preserving heritages and effectively promoting heritage tourism
  • Connect and facilitate partnership development in building “shared” online & offline promotion centers to promote heritage tourism and related bespoke products and services
  • Facilitate story telling through FYT social platform about heritage tourism and related bespoke products and services


How can FYT assist sustainability oriented companies in legacy communication 

  • Organize legacy communication strategy seminars to build awareness
  • Find the trusted and suitable advisors to assist in formulating the legacy strategy and succession plan, addressing tax, personnel, legal and other related issues for each target client
  • Organize the legacy communication events to communicate legacy strategy and succession plan amongst the stakeholders (i.e. shareholders, investors, top management, management trainees and target young successors)
  • Organize the legacy promotion events at suitable universities and colleges to attract young talents for the succession plan. 
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